Sold Out!
Sold Out!

Samantha's Story

It didn’t come on suddenly, but gradually I started to feel incredibly tired all the time. I put it down to my busy life, juggling three energetic teenagers and a full-time job was down to wear me down. I ignored it for a while but on Easter it came to a head, I remember it got so bad that I couldn’t even get off the couch. Determined to help my husband with a gardening job I forced myself to get up and go outside but ended up falling over. Then my vision went blurry and I couldn’t even walk in a straight line.

My husband rushed me to the emergency department who started to run a range of tests. Nothing seemed to be helping and by Easter Monday I couldn’t use my right hand or walk. After an MRI I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. It was such a shock and I had no idea what MS was and what this diagnosis would mean for my future.

There is no way to prepare yourself for a situation where your confronted with something as scary and life changing as multiple sclerosis. You instantly think about the worst possible outcome – will I end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life?

Thankfully I was able to get in contact with the MS Society. They were great, they arranged a session with one of their specialist MS nurses and invited me to a seminar for people newly diagnosed. Their help was so instrumental in helping me change my perception on the outlook of my life with MS.

While I found it difficult to accept my diagnosis initially, I am now determined it won’t let it stop me living the best life I can.

Thankfully medication has slowed the progress of the condition and after two years of physiotherapy I can walk much better. I have slowly built up my confidence and independence again.

I’ve also worked with the MS Society to develop a peer support group in my home town of Strathalbyn. There are six to ten of us who meet every second Wednesday for a coffee morning. It makes such a difference to talk to others with similar feelings and experiences and we support each other through the ups and downs of living with this condition.

Every ticket you buy in the MS Life Changer Lottery helps fund vital support and services for people in South Australia and the Northern Territory living with MS. The proceeds also fund essential research into the cause and cure for MS. So thank you for your support.