Sold Out!

Nicolia's Story

For the most part I’m pretty much like every other 20-year-old you’ve ever met. If you look at me today, you’d have no idea that I’m living with an incurable disease that affects each and every day of my life.

The first hint that something wasn’t right was in year 12. I was studying hard for my exams when I woke up one day to find I had lost all feeling from my stomach to my toes. I was still able to walk and get around, but I literally couldn’t feel anything.

While I was completely freaked out, I just ignored it and after three months my hopes were realised when it just went away. I just put it down to the stress of exams.

But I was wrong.

The following year I was on a family holiday to Greece and I was so tired I couldn’t leave the hotel room. I missed out on all the sightseeing, but I literally couldn’t move. I couldn’t understand why I was so exhausted, eventually just like the previous time the tiredness wore off.

Fast forward to January 2018. I was loving studying film and television and I had just started a new job when I began to get terrible headaches and my vision was blurry. I went to the doctor who thankfully referred me to a neurologist.

After a bunch of tests and scans, I finally received a diagnosis. I had relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Suddenly my symptoms over the last two years made sense, but it was such a shock. I had no idea what to expect and what it would mean for my future. To make matters even worse my symptoms were so bad that I had to give up studying at film school.

My neurologist put me in touch with the MS Society who organised a meeting with one of their MS specialist nurses. She really took the time to explain what MS is, what to expect and how I could best manage my symptoms. Afterwards I felt much more positive and very relieved, it really helped me come to terms with my new situation.

My family have been incredible, they even came along to a newly diagnosed seminar with me. Now they have a better idea of what I’m going through and how to support me. I am so grateful to them and the MS Society for all their help. I am not sure what the future will bring, but I feel confident I can handle it and I am even hoping to go back to film school soon.

Every ticket purchased in the MS Life Changer Lottery helps the MS Society support me and many others like me living with MS. Funds raised also help fund vital research into a cause and cure for this condition.