Waking up with pins and needles in his left hand one morning in 2014, Nev initially thought nothing of it.

When the tingling didn’t go away after a few hours but continued spreading, he began to worry.

“I actually thought that maybe I’d had a stroke,” Nev says.

Nev was 39 at the time. Married with three young children. He went to the hospital where a series of tests were run.

Doctors almost immediately considered it could be MS.

“They did a lumbar puncture, and I had an MRI. Sure enough, they found a lesion at the base of my brain and on my spine,” Nev recalls.

In an instant, his world changed. “A diagnosis turns your life upside-down," he says. "There was a lot of readjusting.”

What came after his diagnosis was a barrage of questions to his neurologist and research of his own.

“Dr Google,” Nev says, “was not a good idea”. Googling only presented alarming facts and figures. He was relieved when assigned an MS nurse in hospital and was told about the MS Society SA & NT by his doctor.

“I was told they were the organisation to turn to,” Nev says.

“Being newly diagnosed, the MS Society was amazing. Within weeks I’d had home visits from the nurse. They were able to help me out with info packs, ice vests (to aid with heat sensitivity) and things like that.”

Nev says he feels supported by the MS Society and knows he can call the nursing team at any time.

"It’s nice to have someone at the end of the phone who understands what you’re going through and if you tell them your symptoms they can advise the best course of action."

Nev also takes part in hydrotherapy sessions with MS Society physiotherapists.

“It’s the best form of exercise,” he says.

“With MS it can feel like you’re carrying a lot of dead weight. Being in the water makes you feel normal.

“It’s not just the exercise, it’s the motivation to get out of the house.

“Without these sessions it would be really difficult for me.”

His love of water extends to the annual MS Mighty Swim fundraiser.

He’s rallied his team, Nev’s Snorkellers, since 2020 and they’re a force to be reckoned with. They’ve won 'most laps swum' every year since and have been the highest fundraisers twice.

“It contributes to my positivity, but I participate not just for me, it’s for the next generation of people with MS, to help them," Nev says.

“The money raised goes toward research which could help find a cure, or stop MS disability, and that’s huge.”

Nine years on from his diagnosis, Nev tries to stay positive and make the most of life to the best of his ability.

“For me there’s a huge difference between living life and just existing, and I want to live,” he says.

The support we receive from donors allowed us to make a real difference to Nev's life and contributed to his positive outlook. Through your continued support we can continue to help empower people like Nev.

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