Sold Out!

Kerry's Story

About six years ago I was experiencing extreme fatigue, severe headaches and muscle pain in my legs. After I blacked out at work one day I went to hospital, they thought I had a virus. I persevered despite the symptoms I was constantly experiencing, but when it got to the stage I had difficulty walking and was struggling to breathe properly I went to see a GP. They referred me to a neurologist and I was finally diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).

In a way I was relieved when I received my diagnosis. Finally, I had an explanation for my symptoms and knew what I had to deal with. My neurologist suggested some medication and gave my details to the MS Society of SA & NT so they could also assist.

I left the appointment feeling uncertain how this condition would affect me and wondering what I could expect. Before I even got home from the appointment I had a call from a nurse from the MS Society! It really helped that they reached out to me so soon. She came to visit me at home and showed me how to use my medication. She spent time with me and my husband to talk about my condition. This was exactly what we needed, we both felt reassured and it really helped to put things into perspective for us.

Soon afterwards I went along to a Newly Diagnosed seminar at the MS Society and attended their World MS Day event. I have also attended a mindfulness course and an art class at the MS Society. These have been a great way for me to connect with other people going through the same thing.

Last year I had a relapse which I found very tough. I was fearful of what it could mean so I called up the MS Society for help. They put me straight through to one of the nurses who recommended I have physiotherapy which they provided for me.

I feel incredibly lucky that I have a fantastic support network of people around me who help me continue living well with this condition. My family were stunned when I first told them I had MS. They didn’t really know what it meant for me, but they have rallied around to help. I work as a make-up artist for a major TV network, and thanks to the amazing support of my employer, I have been able to continue working in the job I really love. Although, I can only work in the studio these days as outside broadcasts are too strenuous, especially on hot days.

The MS Society has played a big part in supporting me through the last few years since my diagnosis. They are always just a phone call away.

Every ticket you buy in the MS Life Changer Lottery helps them to continue to provide essential services and support to thousands of people like me who are living with MS. Half the proceeds from the lottery go to providing vital services and support and half go to funding research into finding the cause and cure for MS.

Thank you for your generous support.